‘Provide interest-free loans to youth’

SRINAGAR: The Deputy Speaker of Legislative Assembly, Nazir Ahmed Gurezi, Monday said the state government should provide interest-free loans to the unemployed youths for establishment of income-generating units.
“The government should provide interest-free loans to the unemployed youth for establishing their income-generating units. It will not only provide employment to the youth but will also overcome the burning unemployment issue to a large extent,” he said while inaugurating an entrepreneur’s business unit in Jammu.
He said the youth of Jammu and Kashmir have a “great potential and talent” in all fields. They, he said, have a “tremendous potential in creating their own business units”.
“The need of the hour is for the government to provide them necessary assistance,” he said.
The government must ensure facilities for establishing business units, for more business units will improve the economic condition of the state and living standards of the people, he said.

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