Facebook Addiction

Sheru is not on Facebook, but a buchi known to him swears by it.

Last year, a marriage broker had brought her a decent proposal.

Her parents were delighted, but the buchi acted more choosy, and sought the Facebook ID of the proposed prince-charming.

This was unexpected even for the broker, a veteran of many matches, who called the boy’s family in panic, and conveyed the demand from the girl’s side.

And within moments, the buchi was running the groom’s profile up and down her screen.

Returning to the broker and her anxious parents fifteen minutes later, she announced her decision – she had rejected the match.

“He has few friends on FB,” she said. “This means he is not social.”

The parents were shocked, but kept mum. The broker left with a heavy heart.

Sheru had the ‘honour’ of talking to the buchi recently.

“I go to Facebook the moment I wake up in the morning, even before I wash my face,” she confessed.

Knowing that Sheru does not care, the buchi was surprised when Sheru asked her to show him some of her posts.

There was a long discussion with one of her friends on a television series, some gossip, a bit of ghaibat (back biting), and a few comments on Salman Khan.

Sheru smiled. She did not like it. She thought it was sarcasm.

But, Sheru thought, the number of her friends was impressive.

Sheru engaged her in a discussion.

“So you will marry a person who has a large number of friends on the FB?”  She paused for a moment, and nodded.

 “What if you find your husband chatting to a female friend at midnight?” Sheru was not known to ask such questions. The buchi was stunned.

“How will you react?”Sheru pressed on.

Obviously, she had not thought of it before, and mulled the question long.

The woman in her finally spoke.

“I think I will not like it,” she said.

 “Similarly, he will not like you chatting with a male friend even during the day.”

Sheru had hit the target once again.

Sheru left.

A few days later, news came that the buchi had got engaged. Facebook friends had not been the qualification this time.

Sheru was happy. And had a hearty meal.