Hajj is must for wealthy Muslims

If a person who has the means and health to undertake the Hajj pilgrimage refrains from performing his obligation he will die a Christian or a Jew. (Al Bukhari) This shows the importance of Hajj. A Muslim who has the money and sound health has to perform Hajj. In Kashmir many people refrain from going to Hajj citing the excuse of having to construct a house and marry their sons or daughters. This is unacceptable.
 The Hajj pilgrimage enables Muslims to interact and strengthen bonds at the international level.   The most revered Prophet (SAW) has said that the Hajj pilgrimage makes pilgrims pure and clean. It washes off their sins, relieves them of jealously, hatred, rancour and other vices.
 When a Muslim performs Hajj, he is in fact taking a pledge to live like Hazrat Ibrahiem (AS) and Ismaiel (AS). It is a declaration on his part that he would not heed Satan, come what may. He expresses his willingness to impart suitable education to his children so that they behave like Hazrat Ismaiel (AS). He offers himself to carry forward the divine message no matter what hardships he faces.
Performing Hajj, therefore, must change a believer as far as his thinking and deeds are concerned.  If the pilgrim does not change after performing Hajj and continues to please Satan more often, he has not understood the very purpose and object of undertaking the journey to the holy cities. There is no denying the fact that a pilgrim is also a human being and therefore prone to commit mistakes. But committing a deadly sin deliberately does not suit a person who returns from Mina (after killing Satan).
 A pilgrim must know the purpose and the object of performing Hajj. He must have a clear understanding of what happened at Mina four thousand years ago. He must know about the life of Hazrat Ibrahiem (AS).  Prophet Ibrahiem (AS) was a very rich man. He lived in Iraq. Five thousand people would look after his flock of sheep and goats. Allah the almighty ordered Him to go to Arabia. Nobody lived in Arabia at that time. The revered Prophet (AS) obeyed. He left everything behind. While the esteemed Prophet (AS) was trying to settle down in Arabia, Allah ordered him to sacrifice his beloved son Ismaiel (AS) in His way. Again, the great Prophet (AS) obeyed and took his son to the altar. Prophet Ismaiel (AS) was informed about the order. He agreed and walked to the altar. On the way, Satan tried to mislead them but Allah the most exalted helped both of them. The mission was accomplished and the message conveyed in clear terms. The purpose of ordering Prophet Ibrahiem (AS) to leave Iraq and sacrifice his son was to raise a strong race by making them live in very difficult and hostile environment and by infusing in them oneness of Allah and His supremacy.  After two thousand five hundred years, the most revered Prophet (SAW) was born and history is witness to the fact that his pious followers not only changed the history of the world but its geography as well. The divine message was carried to every nook and corner of the world.
 In Kashmir Jamraat is commonly called “killing Iblees”. For three consecutive days pilgrims throw pebbles on Satan at Mina. This is the place where Satan tried to mislead Prophet Ibrahiem (AS) and his revered son Ismaiel (AS) when the two were on their way to the altar. Prophet Ibrahiem (AS) threw stones at him at three places. Every pilgrim is supposed to repeat the exercise.  However, it is not a mere ritual and must be understood in its right perspective. It has a purpose. Besides following the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahiem (AS), Allah the almighty wants pilgrims to kill the Satan inside their hearts.