Kashmiri docs aren’t able to ‘properly diagnose’ neurotic disorders: top neurosurgeon

SRINAGAR: A Chandigarh-based neurosurgeon on Saturday said that Kashmiri doctors aren’t able to “properly diagnose” neurotic disorders among the patients here.
Dr Ashis Pathik, director of neurosurgery at Fortis Hospital, Mohali claimed that during his frequent visits to Kashmir he has “found that patients haven’t been guided properly by the doctors here.”
“Three months ago, I examined about 600 patients and found that these patients were given treatment for other ailments while they were suffering from neurotic disorders,” he said while addressing a press conference here at a local hotel.
He further said that the Valley health-care system lacks modern and requisite facilities to treat patients with neurotic disorders.
“I am worried about common patients here. He remains at bottom of the problem. If they have to get a properly cured, facilities at hospitals need to be upgraded,” Pathik said.
He further said that Kashmiri patients were not aware of latest advancements in neurosurgery. “As a result, they couldn’t get the best treatment,” he added.
Pathik also said neuro-care in India has come a long way since it was started in late 1970s. “The primitive methods which were based on mere guesses for treating pituitary, spinal, brain tumors have been replaced by modern technology,” he said.
“This technology provides a shorter stay in a hospital which reduces cost and lowers morbidity of patients. Gone are the days when doctors groped in the dark to find a lesion in brain and spine. However, despite these advancements, the valley-based hospitals lag way behind,” Pathik said.