India can promote IS to defame freedom struggle: Salahuddin

India can promote IS to defame freedom struggle: Salahuddin

Muzaffarabad: Hizbul Mujahideen supreme commander Syed Salahuddin has warned that India can “promote Islamic State (IS) in Kashmir to defame the freedom struggle and to gain world support for its onslaught against Kashmiris”.
Islamic State and Pakistani flags have been displayed by masked youth during anti-India demonstrations in Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir. While Indian leaders see the waving of flags as “radicalization of Kashmiri youth” and expressed “concern”, several resistance leaders including Syed Ali Geelani have said Kashmiri struggle has nothing to do with the IS and “other such ideologies”.
On a day, a series of grenade attacks on cellphone outlets and towers rocked Srinagar, Salahuddin also reiterated that attacks such attacks were the “handiwork of Indian intelligence agencies”.
The Hizb chief was speaking to Kashmir Reader during an exclusive interview.

Qayum Najar and attacks on mobile networks?
We have not declared any Mujahid an Indian agent so far by name. We may in future, but not yet. Attacking towers and killing employees are the acts of Indian agencies aimed at damaging the freedom struggle and the image of Mujahideen and their leadership. Nobody damaging or defaming the struggle will be spared, even if he is Salahuddin’s son.

Is it true that the group believed to be led by Najar had named 30 people in a list (issued in October 2014) and asked them to desist from anti-movement activities but you had told them not to take any drastic step?
It (the list) had created resentment among the freedom-loving people in the Valley. So we had directed our Mujahideen to not publish such lists and also ensured them that we will investigate and punish anyone involved in anti-movement activities. The list included the names of those families who had sacrificed everything for the struggle. We are a military organisation and have confronted many problems in the field. We don’t take any action in haste because the enemy can take advantage. We have to take into consideration many things before taking a drastic step, before blaming anyone. What we do will be in the best interest of freedom struggle, organisation; we will not take any step in haste. Besides, everybody has a right to defend himself if accused of anti-freedom activities.

Who qualifies for the tag of a collaborator, an agent?
Those who serve Indian interests in Kashmir, strengthen India’s military occupation in Kashmir, works against the freedom movement directly or indirectly, or take oath under the Indian Constitution are collaborators.
Gilgit Baltistan
Declaring Gilgit and Baltistan as parts of Pakistan is a violation of UNSC resolutions. It is the violation of a historic reality. Jammu Kashmir, Ladakh and Azad Kashmir are all integral constituents of pre-1947 Jammu and Kashmir.

Did Hizb support pro-India parties in elections?

There is no truth in such claims because such an act would mean betrayal with the martyrs’ blood. We consider taking part or supporting election or voting for any candidate in any election as betrayal of the blood of thousands of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Jammu and Kashmir. There is not an iota of truth in statements that Hizb ever supported so-called elections in occupied Jammu and Kashmir openly or secretly.
New breed of militants and social media
The freedom struggle has taken a new turn. Highly educated youths are taking up arms against the occupation forces and utilising social media networks to infuse the spirit of freedom among the masses.

Bilateral talks on Kashmir?
Bilateral negotiations on Kashmir are useless and waste of time and money. Pakistan missed opportunities to free Jammu and Kashmir from Indian occupation in 1948,1962 and 1999.

Ceasefire on borders
We have been time and again betrayed by the Indian state. We cannot trust them unless there is international guarantee. We are not habitual to gun. It is Indian obstinacy which is forcing us to continue our struggle and we will continue it till the departure of last Indian soldier from Kashmiri soil. We believe in complete withdrawal of Indian military. We will appreciate if it comes through dialogue. But dialogues between the two countries have miserably failed.