Nearly 3 per day: deadly record of road accidents

SRINAGAR: On average, three persons in Jammu and Kashmir died in road accidents every day in 2014, a majority of them as a result of overspeeding and many others due to reckless driving, according to latest data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).
The NCRB’s ‘Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India’ report for 2014, released last week, shows a slight increase in the number of deaths because of traffic accidents in the state with 977 recorded last year as against 990 in 2013. However, there has been a 10% decline in the number of accidents from 6,455 in 2013 to 5,778 in 2014. And apart from the 977 deaths, including 798 men and 179 women, 7,958 people were injured last year.
Most of the fatalities last year have been due to overspeeding (351) followed by careless driving (142), 20 due to weather conditions, 12 each due to the influence of alcohol or physical fatigue of the driver and 4 as a result of mechanical defects in the vehicle. In the remaining deaths, the reason is unknown, the report says.
The highest number, 253, of two-wheeler riders were killed in the mishaps followed by 181 victims of bus mishaps. The report also throws light on the number of accidents every month with none recording less than 400 incidents.
As per the report, the month of June 2014 saw the highest number of accidents (594) followed by July (563), October (544), November (517), August (515), May (506), December (438), April (433), March (424), February (415), September (415) and January (414).
The NCRB report also revealed a steep rise in the number of railway accidents in Jammu and Kashmir last year.