Govt to refer vacancies to SSB, PSC under new recruitment policy within a month

SRINAGAR: The government on Wednesday said that it would refer the available vacancies in various departments to the Services Selection Board (SSB) and Public Service Commission (PSC) under the new recruitment policy within one month.
A government spokesman said that the Chief Secretary Iqbal Khandey on Wednesday chaired a meeting with the administrative secretaries to expedite the recruitment process in the state under the recently notified New Recruitment Policy.
“Following the announcement of the new recruitment policy which was recently notified by the government, certain steps have to be taken by all the administrative secretaries beginning with referring the available vacancies in their respective departments to the J&K Services Selection Board (SSB) within the next one month,” the Chief Secretary said.
The Chief Secretary also said that he would review the status on a fortnightly basis to ensure that all vacancies are referred to SSB by August by respective departments. “The members that were recently posted to SSB to strengthen it have already joined and it is expected that the recruitment process shall now be fast-tracked as envisaged in the new policy,” he added.
“Once vacancies are referred to the SSB, it has a period of three months within which to complete the recruitment process and it is expected that these posts shall be filled up by November this year,” Khandey said.
Meanwhile, SSB was asked to employ the services of members who have recently joined in expediting the recruitment process for the posts that have been already referred to it and for which examination or other selection procedures have been conducted.
The Chief Secretary also asked Chairman SSB to ensure that each member is assigned a specific district for recruitment as envisaged in the policy. All the Secretaries were also asked to refer the existing vacancies and also the vacancies that would accrue during the year to the concerned recruitment agencies indicating the district-wise breakup of available vacancies in each cadre viz state, divisional and district Cadre.
The recruitments under the new policy shall only be through SSB (Non-Gazetted Post) and PSC (Gazetted Post) following all procedural formalities like advertisement, interview and selection. All the appointments would be on a regular basis from the date of appointment.