Revenue deptt carries out ‘wanton demolition’ drive in Vicharnaag

SRINAGAR: Several families living at Sofi Mohalla, Vicharnaag, Soura on Tuesday alleged that revenue officials on Tuesday resorted to wanton demolition of their property at 90-feet Soura.
They alleged that the male members had earlier been lured away by the officials on the pretext of showing a piece of land for rehabilitation.
Mehraj-ud din Sheikh, one of the family members, said that while the male members were taken by the officials to a location in Ahmad Nagar, their houses were demolished at Sofi Mohalla. “We were taken to a place where we were shown a graveyard as a replacement for our land. But when we came back, all our houses were demolished and we were rendered homeless,” he added. He said that five families that live near 90-ft road did not receive any prior notice of eviction from Revenue officials and called the action as “brutal.”
“We are 35 souls living in five houses and we are be ill-treated by the authorities,” he said.