Jama’at volunteers kick-start fumigation drive in cloudburst-hit Kangan area

Mohammad Imran
Kangan: Members of prominent socio-religious organization, Jama’at-e-Islami, on Tuesday held a cleanliness-cum-fumigation drive in the cloudburst-hit Kullan area of central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.
Rotting carcasses of dozens of animals killed in flashfloods and the muck brought by a cloudburst in Kullan area of Ganderbal district six days ago had raised fears of an epidemic among the locals.
Five people, including three members of a family, were killed and more than 200 residential houses were damaged in the massive cloudburst that hit the area on July 16.
Meanwhile, on Tuesday the volunteers from the Jama’at’s youth wing, Jamiat-e-Tolba (JeT) kick-started the cleanliness drive in the area.
Nazim-e-Zilla (district Incharge) of JeT, Amir Nazir, told Kashmir Reader that they were asked by the Jama’at leaders to participate in the cleanliness and fumigation drive.
“On first day, we have engaged about 100 volunteers from Kangan and Gund tehsils.On Wednesday, we will fumigate the area,” he added.
He said that Jama’at has also established a relief camp in the area.
Meanwhile, Anjuman-e-Razai Mustafa (SAW) Gund and Intizamia Committee Masjid Shareef Gund has also provided relief material to the victims whose houses got damaged in the cloud burst.
Pertinently, Kashmir Reader on Tuesday published a report about possibility of epidemic outbreak in the area.