Rotting carcasses dot cloudburst-hit Kangan area; locals fear epidemic outbreak

Rotting carcasses dot cloudburst-hit Kangan area; locals fear epidemic outbreak


GANDERBAL: Rotting carcasses of dozens of animals killed in flashfloods caused by a cloudburst in Kullan area of Ganderbal district five days ago have raised fears of an epidemic among the local people.
Five people, including three members of a family, were killed and more than 200 residential houses were damaged in the massive cloudburst that hit the area on July 16.
Locals said that the cloudburst also led to death of over a 100 cattle.
They said that the carcasses of the cattle are lying unattended in the area for the past five days with authorities not taking any measures to dispose them off.
“The authorities neither went for fumigation nor sprayed any disinfectant in the area after the cloudburst. It is bound to trigger an epidemic,” a local from the area said.
He said that the situation was deteriorating after improvement in weather conditions. “After increase in temperatures, the whole area is stinking and people are forced to cover their mouths to avoid the pungent smell,” he said.
The debris and mud left by the cloudburst has dried up generating volumes of dust on the Srinagar-Leh highway.
Residents also said that the authorities have not provided them with chlorine tablets for water purification to prevent spread of any water borne diseases.
Cheif medical officer, Ganderbal, Dr Roshan Din Kasana said that they were regularly providing health education to the victims.
He said that they have kept enough stock of chlorine tables in the local Primary Health Centre.
“Once local administration starts burial of animal carcasses, our department will go for fumigation and then would spray disinfectants in the area,” he said.
Meanwhile assistant executive engineer, public health engineering, Mushtaq Ahmad Shah told Kashmir Reader that the filtration plant in the area was partially damaged due to the cloudburst.
He said that they were providing drinking water to people from a local spring after adding bleaching powder to it.

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