After Geelani, Malik to boycott Eid Milan

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik on Friday turned down the invitation of Pakistan High Commission to participate in the Eid Milan celebrations in New Delhi.
“Ignoring Kashmir in negotiations is not acceptable to us and to register our democratic dissent, JKLF will not participate in Eid Milan party hosted by Pakistani High Commission in Delhi,” Malik, according to a statement, said.
He said that ignoring Kashmir in the joint declaration made by Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan during a meeting in Ufa, Russia was “highly regrettable.”
“This actually can be termed as non-seriousness and carelessness of these two countries regarding Kashmir .Institution of dialogue has been turned as futile and non–serious in case of Jammu Kashmir issue which has created doubts in the minds of common people,” he added. Malik said that only dialogue​ can resolve conflicts and issues, “but for the success of dialogue it is equally important to be serious and focus on conflict resolution.”
“Dialogue should not be for fun, time pass and putting real issues to the back burner,” he added.
Malik said that Kashmiris were not against peace and progress of India and Pakistan. “We want these two countries to get together and resolve their issues but at the same time Indian and Pakistani leadership will have to also demonstrate some magnanimity regarding Kashmiris.”
“People of Jammu Kashmir have high hopes in Pakistani premier Nawaz Sharif but recent meeting between Indian prime minster and Pakistani premier and the joint declaration on the occasion has disappointed Kashmiris,” he added.
He said that Kashmiris still​ hope that Pakistani government will take “corrective measures in this regard and Kashmir will not be put on a back burner.”
“Meanwhile, it was resolved that in view of Ufa joint declaration that had no mention of Kashmir issue, a show of democratic dissent was necessary. Therefore it was decided that JKLF will not participate in proposed EID Milan program,” he added.
Malik also condemned the restrictions imposed on his movement.