Leaving Valley’s hearts unattended

Srinagar: At a time when tertiary care Valley hospitals are facing a shortage of specialist doctors, the lone Cardio Vascular Thoracic (CVT) consultant at the SMHS Hospital, Dr Mohit Arora, has been deputed to Government Medical College Jammu on health minister Chouhdary Lal Singh’s orders.
Doctors at SMHS Hospital told Kashmir Reader that Dr Mohit’s deputation to Jammu has intrigued them because there are five CVT consultants at Jammu medical college hospital.
“This has happened in the past too. Whenever doctors from Jammu occupy a responsible position in the Valley and the time comes for them to serve the society, they flee to Jammu,” said a doctor, wishing anonymity as he fears a reprisal from Lal Singh.
In fact, Dr Mohit has left without obtaining the requisite ‘relieving order’ to be signed by the principal Government Medical College, Srinagar.
A CVT department is functional at SKIMS, Soura. A similar department has been set up at the super specialty wing of the SMHS, comprising Dr Mohit and a few registrars. But in the absence of a consultant, doctors apprehend the super specialty department might not be recognised by the Medical Council of India.
“Equipment worth Rs 1.50 crore has already been procured for the unit. But that is as good as nothing now. Mohit was not sitting idle here. He had been doing lung surgeries and other procedures and there would have been more work had the department been made fully functional,” the doctor said.
Doctors are also angry at the GMC administration for not stopping Dr Mohit. However, a senior official medical education (health) told Kashmir Reader that Dr Mohit proceeded on his own and efforts are being made to get him back.
“The principal has not relieved him. He is the only CVT consultant at our hospital. We cannot afford to lose him.” Asked why Lal Singh deputed the doctor while being aware that he is the only consultant, the official said, “He knows better what he does and why. After all he is the health minister!”

One Response to "Leaving Valley’s hearts unattended"

  1. Khawar   July 24, 2015 at 7:33 pm

    Mohit Arora left on orders of Lal Singh, Dr Ahanger was sent to Shimla by Omar Abdullaah. We are now left with just two juniors cvts surgeons. They too will be deported as soon as they have some experience up their hands. And it won’t be shocking if Lal Singh closes down gastro at SMHS and sends Showkat Kadla to Jammu ( talked about nowadays) This,though it might sound rhetorical, is a very old scheme of weakening your nemesis, making them intellectually corrupt. Everything has a bigger picture…

    You write good.. And at least someone speaks for us..

    Dr Khawar (Gastro)