India highest recipient of US aid, Pakistan fifth

SRINAGAR: Even though New Delhi denied inflow of aid from the International donors to Kashmir to cope with the September 2014 floods, it has come to fore that India has been the largest recipient of economic assistance from the United States.
Data compiled by the USAID reveals that India has received approximately $65.1bn in economic assistance from 1946 until 2012, followed by Israel, which was given $65bn.
The US also gave Israel the greatest total foreign assistance over the 66-year period, at $199 billion.
With $44.4bn received as economic assistance from the US, Pakistan is also among the top five countries to receive economic assistance out of a total of 200 countries and regions.
Indian economic aid is spread out over various sectors and programs, including child survival and health, development assistance, HIV/AIDS initiatives, migration and refugee assistance, food aid, and narcotics control, the data reveals.
The bulk of this aid ($26bn) is provided to various USAID programmes, it said.
In comparison, of the $44.4bn provided to Pakistan in economic assistance during the same period, $13.8bn is given to USAID programmes, while $13.7bn is attributed to the Economic Support Fund and Security Support Assistance.
The Government of India has refused direct International aid including that of United Nations as flood assistance for Kashmir last year.
Immediately after the floods, the state government had described the deluge as a “disaster of international magnitude” and the losses to properties and businesses were put in excess of Rs 100,000 crore (one trillion).
However, later the government lowered its earlier loss assessments and submitted a proposal to the central government, seeking a special financial package of Rs 44,000 crore for the rehabilitation of flood affected people and infrastructural development.
The government had estimated damage to the housing sector at Rs 30,000 crore and losses in the business and public sectors at Rs 70,000 crore.
Around 2.40 lakh structures including residential houses were damaged in flood in Kashmir and caused a damage of Rs one lakh crore in housing, industry and public sectors.