KCSDS deplores BJP’s decision to ‘stay away’ from Martyrs day

SRINAGAR: Kashmir Center for Social and Development Studies (KCSDS) on Sunday strongly condemned the announcement of some Kashmiri Pandit organizations to observe July 13 as black day.
It has also deplored Bharatiya Janata Party’s staying away from the commemoration of Martyrs day.
In a statement, the body said that terming the July 13 Martyrs day as the black day was a “wholesale distortion of Kashmir history.”
“Nothing could be more absurd than the attempt to erase the history of 1931 that is still remembered by eye witnesses as if it has happened yesterday,” the statement said.
“However, it is not surprising because these organizations are part of RSS and Co who are hell bent on distorting the entire history of the subcontinent and put forth lies as the gospel truth before the nation. They are not only deliberately distorting history but telling white lies,” the statement said.
A Jammu based organization, Kashmiri Pandit conference (KPC) has asked Pandits to observe July 13 as black day.
As per the organization, July 13, 1931 marks the beginning of the “first organized genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir.”
KCSDS said that the statement smacked of rabid communalism and ruthless defence of autocratic rule which perpetrated the blood bath on July 13th, 1931 which was outrageous and worst kind of communal frenzy.
“No Pandit received even a scratch in this event. Retaliation against them for the brutal murder of martyrs is a figment of imagination and worst kind of communal missile aimed at creating an unbidgeable wedge between communities in the state,” the statement said.
KCSDS warned them against stooping so low in order to serve their dirty designs.
“We deplore the staying away of BJP from the commemoration of Martyr’s day . In fact, two things are the brain children of the same forces. By denying history, they cannot change it. The very effort of so doing is bizzare It is also aimed at blocking KPs return to the valley because common pundits do not see eye to eye with this communal brigade,” the KCSDS said.
“However, they will never succeed in hoodwinking people. But what is intriguing is PDPs silence over these new narratives and intentions of its coalition partner and her protégés,” it added.