Unani Medicine Works


Sheru has been insisting that one can marry (commit suicide) only once. He envies people who go for a second marriage. How can they do it?

A unani doctor, who is among Sheru’s friends, married for a third time.


Sheru was stunned.


The third wife gave the doctor a tough time. She got him arrested in New Delhi. The Delhi police tried to book him for ‘terrorist’ activities. But he showed them his right arm where his third wife had sunk her pale teeth.


“What is this?” they asked.


“This is a bite mark. My third wife did this,” he said.


The police officer heading the team of constables burst into a hearty laugh, and let the doctor go.


As he has already said, Sheru knows the doctor well.

Before contracting the third marriage, the doctor had not sought Sheru’s counsel, and this landed him in trouble.

Sheru had told him that going for marriage was like committing suicide. Normal people commit suicide once. But the unani doctor had the guts to repeat the act three times.


If a person wants to die, it is his choice. How can Sheru help?


After his third wedding ceremony, the doctor went honeymooning in the Gulf.

One day, while walking on a posh Sharjah road, his new wife looked at him curiously.

“Who are you?” she asked.

The question stunned the doctor.  He thought she was joking, but a few moments later he realized she was as serious as could be. She called the police.

Two men in loose Arab robes rushed towards them, grabbed the doctor, and gave him a sound thrashing.

Fortunately, he managed to convince them that he was the woman’s unfortunate husband. They let him go.


Back home, the doctor tried his best to forget all this.

One night, he was awakened by her screams. When he asked why she had turned hysterical, she looked at him.


“bhaiya, tum kahan thay?” (dear brother, where have you been?)


(The doctor is bald. No, no, he was not relieved of his hair by his previous wives. He has lost it.)


He scratched his bald head, and that very moment decided to get rid of her.  But getting rid of her was not that easy.


After coming to know that the doctor had divorced her, she filed a complaint in a Jammu police station.  The poor doctor was taken into custody. But once again his wits saved him. He is out again.


And he is looking for another girl.


The other day he met Sheru. He smiled when Sheru asked him what he had been doing for the past few weeks.

“I am looking for a fresh wife,” he said.

Sheru gave him a moti si gali but the bey ghairat laughed. Unani medicine has done him wonders.



Later, he took Sheru and his friend out to lunch. He tried to convince Sheru about his newest ‘misadventure.’ Sheru concentrated on the rista that looked as round as the doctor’s bald head.


Sheru had a hearty meal.