Police officer arrested while accepting bribe in Jammu

Jammu: State Vigilance Organisation (SVO) has arrested a sub-inspector of Jammu and Kashmir police while he was allegedly accepting bribe for releasing vehicle documents.

The accused sub-inspector Amar Chand, posted at the Bagh-e-Bahu police station, was arrested by the SVO sleuths yesterday while he was accepting the bribe from a complainant to release the documents.

The SVO Jammu, with the help of the complainant, laid a trap and arrested the accused, the SVO spokesman said.

“The complainant has claimed that the SI was demanding a bribe of Rs 10,000 from him to release documents of his vehicle which he (the SI) had confiscated two months ago,” the spokesman said.

The complainant has alleged that the SI had earlier released the vehicle after taking a bribe of Rs 1000 but had withheld the documents demanding more money. (PTI)