KU to offer ‘work-ready’ degree programmes in automotive technology, electronic media

SRINAGAR: The University of Kashmir will soon be offering ‘work-ready’ degree courses in automotive technology and electronic media under a flagship skill development programme.
The three-year B Voc degree courses shall be offered under the University Grants Commission-sponsored scheme Knowledge Acquisition and Up-gradation of Skilled Human Abilities and Livelihood (KAUSHAL).
The University is among 48 institutions in India recommended for establishment of a KAUSHAL centre. Over 700 institutions had applied for it. KU Vice Chancellor, Prof Khurshid Iqbal Andrabi, said the University took the initiative to apply for flagship KAUSHAL scheme in view of its commitment to promote skilled-based education for ready employment of J&K youth.
“The main objective of this scheme is to create skilled manpower in tune with the industry’s requirements,” he said. “The idea is also to integrate job-seekers and job-providers to prevent socio-economic unrest.”
The KAUSHAL centres endeavour to maintain pyramid structure of student enrolment with respect to diploma, advanced diploma and B Voc and further studies.
The courses would be planned to have provision of multiple entry and exit (for aspirants) at levels of diploma, advanced diploma and B Voc and further, keeping in view the industry requirements.
After submission of a formal proposal, the University was recommended for KAUSHAL centre. It also gave a presentation, through its Directorate of Lifelong Learning (DLL), before an expert committee constituted by the UGC for the purpose.
“This scheme is work-ready because you are training a person as per the industry requirement. It will also set common competency standards in job-seeking at different levels in the industry,” said Director DLL, Dr GH Mir, who gave the presentation for KAUSHAL at New Delhi on July 1, 2015.
The UGC proposes to establish 100 Deen Dayal KAUSHAL centres to take vocational education to new levels and focus not only on skill training, but development of entrepreneurship traits as well.
“As soon as the centre is approved for the university, we will go ahead and start the degree programmes,” Dr Mir said.