GB Pant hospital fiasco due to unnecessary referrals: DAK

Srinagar: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) today expressed serious concern over the failure of GB Pant hospital to live up to its mandate of medical education and quality research.

President DAK Dr Nisar- ul- Hassan in a statement issued here said that the unnecessary referrals from peripheral hospitals are responsible for GB Pant fiasco. He said 90% of patients who come to GB Pant can be treated in peripheral hospitals if they are strengthened in infrastructure and manpower.

“GB Pant hospital is meant for patients with diagnostic dilemmas and is not for common cold and diarrheas. It has been created for pediatric research to set new standards of pediatric care and find new cures for childhood diseases,” Dr Nisar said.

“This hospital is built to identify genetic defects before the child is born and work for therapies that disarm these disorders. The purpose of GB Pant hospital is to screen newborn for metabolic disorders in order catch diseases early and treat them,” he added.

The DAK president alleged that some vested interests were misleading people by attributing shortage of staff to GB Pant fiasco which is far from truth.

“These elements have nefarious designs to sabotage the growth of GB Pant hospital and it is our collective responsibility to weed them out,” he said, adding “Creating another pediatric hospital in Srinagar is a waste of public money as it will not serve any purpose,”