Set up digital X-ray units in all district, sub-district hospitals: DAK

SRINAGAR: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) on Sunday castigated the government for not establishing digital X-ray units in all district and sub-district hospitals across the state.
President of a faction of DAK, Dr G M Mir has ridiculed the claims of the government to provide good health care services in the state.
“It is a mark of extreme worry that in an era of modern health care deliverance, our hospitals lack even basic investigation procedural equipments. When govt. is spending crores on various projects it doesn’t have any objection to spend few lakhs in procuring this vital equipment whose intervention matters the most in today’s medical era,” Mir said.
“Almost all the district hospitals lack CT scan machine, a digital X-ray machine, a blood bank, ventilators for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) among other machinery which are the basic requisite in any emergency and trauma cases. The absence of these vital equipments mean that the hospital is functioning without these facilities and a simple accident case which otherwise could have been treated in time can become fatal,” he said.
The DAK said that this has lead doctors to advise needy and in particular poor patients, to go for digital X-ray and other investigations at private facilities as hospitals have plain X-ray machines only.
“Digital X-ray has many more benefits than a traditional X-ray imaging system because digital X-ray is quick with almost immediate images. It has much lower levels of radiation emissions. Digital X-ray typically reduces radiation exposure by 75% or more and has an obvious advantage of being digital, which means it can be transferred from the machine with something as simple as a USB cable,” he said.
The doctor said that the digital X-rays also help our hospitals to “go green” by using digital images rather than material images.
“With already over burdened tertiary care hospitals and increase in the cases of emergency and trauma patients, the govt. has no other option but to upgrade and equip peripheral hospitals on modern lines so that precious lives can be saved,” he said.