Asking Burqa-clad women to remove veil while entering ATMs un-Islamic: Asiya

SRINAGAR: Dukhtaran-e-Millat president Syeda Asiya Andrabi on Thursday expressed anguish over reports that veiled women were allegedly being asked to show their faces before entering the ATM booths.
In a statement, she said that it was a condemnable act to discourage adhering to Islamic dress code. She asked the Burqa-clad women not to pay heed to such “un-Islamic order.”
“After a girl, who was wearing an Abaya, was caught while committing a fraud in an ATM booth there are reports from various areas that the Burqa-clad women are prevented from entering any ATM without uncovering their faces,” she claimed.
“This diktat is un-Islamic and unaccepted.”
She said that there can be no objection to if the Burqa-clad women were asked to prove their identity by showing a valid identity card before entering the ATM booth. “But asking them to remove the veil and get her face captured in the camera is un-acceptable.”