R&B dept charging contractors for duplicate registration cards

SRINAGAR: In absence of any government orders, the roads and buildings (R&B) department is charging government contractors who have applied for duplicate registration and validity cards.
These contractors, who are being charged as per their class, have lost their cards in September 2014 floods.
Fayaz Ahmad Khan, a B-grade contractor, said that he had lost his registration card in last year’s floods but in March, when he applied for its duplicate copy, the R&B officials told him to pay the fee.
He said that he approached the concerned superintending engineer over the issue. “In reply I was told that is there is no Statutory Regulatory Order or SRO for it. They had no reasons as to why they were charging money,” Khan said.
Chief engineer, R&B division, Satish Razdanacknowledged that there was no government order to charge the fee.
“But before giving them duplicates, we have to go through the same process as for the original like issue advertisements and ask for No Objection Certificates(NOC) from different departments,” Razdan.
When asked why the department can’t check its records instead of going through the same process, Satish said “All previous records were damaged by the last year floods.”
He said that he would approach the government regarding the issue and would act accordingly.