Importance of Sunnah

The Quran was revealed in the Holy Month of Ramadan.  And the Quran has repeatedly directed Muslims to follow the most revered Prophet (SAW).  This speaks volumes about the importance of Sunnah. The holy month of Ramadan, therefore, is the best time to start following the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). This is where the ultimate salvation of a Muslim lies.
It is believed that a person who follows and revives a forgotten Sunnah will be rewarded in the same fashion as Allah the most exalted rewards one hundred martyrs. A person who goes to ease himself wins a choicest place in Jannah by following the Sunnah. Similarly if a person goes to his wife and follows the Sunnah, he will be handsomely rewarded. Besides deriving pleasure he will achieve salvation. Walking through a graveyard, the Holy Prophet (SAW) accompanied by his pious companions (RA) stopped over a grave. “The person buried in this grave is being punished for a minor sin. He never took care while urinating and used to spoil his clothes.” The Holy Prophet (SAW) has prescribed a way of urinating and one who follows it is doing a virtuous deed.
There are some unfortunate and ignorant people who leave a Sunnah believing it is not important. Such people are ignorant of the teachings of the Quran. As mentioned above Allah the most exalted has repeatedly urged Muslims to follow the Holy Prophet (SAW). So leaving a Sunnah cannot be justified by any means. It has to be followed because Allah the most exalted wants Muslims to follow them.
Allah the most exalted has given a complete and perfect code of conduct and the most revered Prophet (SAW) has shown the way of adapting it and putting it into actual practice. Nothing has been left out. Even the minutest details are available in black and white. The shopkeepers have been told in clear terms how to do business. How to drink, how to sleep, how to sit and how to walk have also been made amply clear.
The holy month of Ramadan is a training period for Muslims. It is during this month that a Muslim can learn how to live in an Islamic way. Normally Muslims offer prayers and try their best to introspect in the holy month. It, therefore, makes learning and following Sunnah a bit easier. The Muslims must bear in mind that the Sunnah are very important and cannot be left out except when prescribed.

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