Gift from Mairaj

Aghar Yak Sare Mooy-e-Bar Tar Param Firogh-e-Tajalla Basozad Param
“My limits end here. If I go beyond this point I shall burn my wings. You will have to go all alone.” This is what Gabriel (AS) told the most revered Prophet (SAW) at Sidratul Mintaha during the night of Mairaj. An angel made up of light does not dare to go beyond this point. But he knows the Prophet (SAW), a human being, shall not be harmed. Why? The question merits a serious consideration from all Muslims. Before understanding the Mairaj, it is necessary to know the greatness of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Once this is done many a doubt about Mairaj shall be cleared.
There are some people who believe that the Holy Prophet (SAW) was not taken physically to al Aqsa and then through the skies to Sidratul Mintaha and onwards. According to them it was a dream notwithstanding the Quranic verse, which says the Prophet (SAW), was taken from Makkah to al Aqsa on the night of Mairaj. They believe Mairaj did not take place at all. Mairaj means elevation. If one goes by the literal meaning of this Arabic word, then this viewpoint stands justified though not wholly. It was a journey from Makkah to al Aqsa and not Mairaj, at least not for the Holy Prophet (SAW). Yes, on that night Allah the almighty elevated Gabriel (AS) as he had the honour of traveling in the company of the most revered Prophet (SAW). It was Mairaj for the Buraq, a horse like animal, which took the Holy Prophet (SAW) to al Aqsa. It was Mairaj for the al Aqsa mosque because the Holy Prophet (SAW) put down his feet on its floor. It was Mairaj for all the Prophets (AS) as the perfect and the best creation of all times, Imam-ul-Ambia (SAW) led their prayer. It was a dream come true for all of them.
On that night all those who live in the skies had the honour of seeing the last Messenger of Allah (SAW) physically. Therefore, it was Mairaj for them. The real Mairaj commenced from Sidratul Mintaha. Some ulema say the Holy Prophet (SAW) had the honour of seeing Allah the most exalted and talking to Him. What transpired between Allah the most gracious and His beloved Prophet (SAW) they alone know. Only a portion of the rendezvous was leaked to the people.
It was here that five time prayers were made obligatory on the Muslims. This again reflects the greatness of the most revered Prophet (SAW). The Holy Prophet (SAW) was told to direct Muslims to pray fifty times a day. The Prophet (SAW) fully aware of the plight of his hapless followers agrees without uttering a word. But, Prophet Moses (AS) sends him back to seek concessions. The concession is granted and prayers are reduced to forty times. The Prophet (SAW) leaves again but is sent back yet again. The process continues until the number is reduced to five. Allah the most exalted does not get angry. An Ashiq-e-Rasool (SAW) narrates the incident beautifully. He says it was a deliberate act on the part of Allah the almighty. He made Prophet Musa (AS) tell the beloved Prophet (SAW) to go back again and again because He (Allah) wanted to spend more time in the company of the Prophet (SAW). This is how some people express their love for the beloved Prophet (SAW).
The Ashiq-e-Rasool (SAW) again says the real Mairaj shall take place on the day of judgement when the most revered Prophet (SAW) will see the prayer marks, shining like stars, on the foreheads of Muslims. It will give the Holy Prophet (SAW) immense pleasure and he will raise his head happily and have a look at the Ummah. When the beloved Prophet (SAW) expresses happiness over the performance of the Ummah, their salvation is guaranteed. The Mairaj has an important lesson for the Muslims. Do not miss prayers. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said, “Prayer is a Muslim’s Mairaj.” He further said Allah the most gracious shall ask about prayers first on the day of judgement. How does salaat lead to ultimate salvation of a Muslim ? Quran says it saves Muslims from vices. A Muslim who offers prayers regularly will abstain from alcohol, gambling, eve teasing, corruption, backbiting, character assassination and vices like that.
And, above all, prayer is a gift from Allah the most exalted for all Muslims. Who came with this gift? The Holy Prophet (SAW). The misfortune of a person can only be imagined who rejects a gift sent by Allah the almighty through the most revered Prophet (SAW).

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