Boycott them

Not only in pre-Islamic Arabia, female infanticide was in vogue in many countries like Latin America, Europe and even in India. However, when Allah the most exalted sent down His last Messenger (SAW) the world changed. Kashmir converted to Islam six hundred years ago but nothing seems to have changed.  Not only female infanticide, bride burning is also in vogue in the onetime abode of saints. This month three cases of immolation were reported from three different parts of the Valley. The victims underwent treatment in the burn ward of SMHS hospital but two of them succumbed to their burns since the past twenty-four hours. The deaths reflect the rot the Muslim society of Kashmir has undergone.  This is shameful and condemnable and cannot be justified by any means. There is no scope for this type of malady in Islam. The most revered Prophet (SAW) has forbid killing of a louse by putting it into the fire. But his followers are indulging in burning their spouses.
The people who consign their daughters-in-law to flames have to be exposed. In fact, the society must boycott such people. This is the least that the society can do. Allah the most exalted will question the people in whose neighbourhood women are torched. This, however, does not mean that he will spare the general public for its criminal silence over such issues. This has to end. The daughter-in-law is neither a domestic aid nor an ATM machine.
The mother-in-law has to understand it and the husband has to stand for his wife not only in such extreme emergencies but also in day-to-day life, of course without offending his parents.
The mother-in-law and everybody around the poor daughter-in-law have to understand that Islam has conferred rights on her (daughter-in-law) and harassing her is a detested act which can land the oppressor into the hellfire. The clergy alone cannot prove effective. People including women listen to the sermons delivered by the clergy but it makes no difference. Harassment of daughters-in-law not only goes unabated but the mother-in-law stays under a mistaken notion that harassing the daughter-in-law is her birthright.
It has been observed that the police go soft on such offenders for unknown reasons. The law enforcing agencies must know that when the mother-in-law and her daughter (sometimes other family members) sprinkle kerosene oil on the daughter–in-law they do it with the intention of causing her death which makes it a fit case under Section 302 RPC and the culprits must be treated and booked accordingly. Society must wake up and boycott such elements.

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