Medical representatives protest hospital ban order

Nayeem Rather

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Medical Professionals and Sales Coordination Committee (JKMPSCC), a body of Medical Representatives Thursday held a protest against a government order barring them from hospitals.
They accused the government of playing with their future and “rendering” them unemployed.
“The government is trying to ruin us. They are snatching our livelihood,” President JKMPSCC Uzair Ahmed Katjoo told Kashmir Reader. The protesters said that in the all major hospitals of India, the MRs are allowed to visit the hospital after the working hours are over but the state government is not allowing the practice anymore.
“MR is an important link between doctor and patient. The MR provides medical literature and other facilities to the doctors that are beneficial for the patients” claimed Uzair.
“The government is biased against us. All over India it is allowed but they are barring us” he added.
According to JKMPSCC, there is a guideline of Medical Council of India(MCI) that allows the MR to visit the hospital after the working hours and take the medicine samples to the doctors for recommendation.
However, from 1st April, the MRs were barred from entering the hospitals with government citing that “it creates a nexus between the doctors and medical representatives”
Contesting the argument of the government, Uzair said, “If there was a nexus, then why did the MCI allow it. And why are only the MR’s of Jammu Kashmir barred only”.
He further claimed that the government is, especially health minister, wants certain specific companies to cater to the needs of the medicine and are ruining our employment.
Castigating, PDP led government, he said that the government at one hand is not providing the employment and is urging the people to get self-employees but at the other side they are “axing”our employment.
“Mufti sayeed is executing duality in his policy. By not allowing the MR to visit hospitals, he is making a huge population suffer”Uzair said.
According to JKMPSCC, around 15000 people are earning their bread from being associated with the medical representative business. And if they are barred, there will be huge social problem.