KFVWF demands swift rehabilitation of flood victims

Nayeem Rather

Srinagar: Members of Kashmir Flood Victims Welfare Forum (KFVWF) Tuesday held a protest here demanding immediate rehabilitation of the people affected by the 2014 floods.
Shouting anti-government slogans, the protestors said that the government was “insensitive” to the miseries faced by the flood-hit people of Kashmiris.
They blamed the government of failure of rehabilitating the flood victims even after passing of seven months.
“Both centre and state governments have forsaken the flood victims of Kashmir” Mohammad Umer, president KFVWF, told Kashmir Reader.
He said that the government was not pursuing the rehabilitation process seriously. “GoI didn’t show any urgency as it showed in case of Uttrakhand,”he added.
“A meager amount of Rs 3800, 12500, 75000 have been distributed among the flood-affected families so far but it is unsatisfactory,” he added.