She Wanted A Corrupt Husband


They lived happily for seven years after their marriage. There was no dearth of money, and madam’s every wish was fulfilled. But then something unusual happened, and madam started behaving abnormally.

Her husband, an employee in the finance department, had a dream. He saw himself seated in a beautiful tent. There were other people as well.  A few others came and served them food.  While others got deliciously prepared food, he was served filth. He woke up and found his heart pounding. He could not sleep any more.

He took a bath and left for his office. Madam served breakfast, but he could not eat. The dream had shaken his conscience. He left and consulted a mufti. The conversation shook him. Do you take bribes? The mufti’s question was sudden and direct. He could not say no, and what followed changed him forever.

The learned mufti told him to refrain from taking bribes. He agreed, and sought pardon for his sins. A fortnight after this incident, he came across his friends who could not recognize him.  There was a cap on his head and beard on his face.  They laughed at him. But he did not object. The month ended, and he took home his salary. It was not even half of what he usually been deposited in madam’s decorated chest. Madam gave him a scornful look, but he chose to ignore it.

After a few months, madam exploded like a bomb. What has happened to you? Where do you spend the money? The questions were many. The answer pulled the carpet from under madam’s feet.

“This is what you will be getting from now on. I have stopped taking bribes. I do not want to spoil my hereafter for you or anybody else.”

This was too much.  Madam coaxed and cajoled, but all in vain. Finally, she summoned his friends, and narrated her dukhi story. Fortunately, all of them supported him, and urged madam not to force him to be corrupt.

As time passed, he changed completely, but madam did not mend her ways. She wanted him to amass as much as she could. Their fights became frequent, and he soon found a solution. He went out with a Tableeghi Jama’t almost every month. This maddened her further, and finally, Sheru was consulted.

Sheru suggested divorce. Madam was shaken, and the issue was resolved then and there.

Sheru does not care.