New police recruitment policy evokes mixed reaction

Moazum Mohammad

Srinagar: The new recruitment policy of PDP-BJP government to outsource hiring process in police department has evoked mixed reaction. While opposition National Conference on Friday submitted a memorandum to the Governor demanding its roll back, many aspirants came out in support of the policy.
Apart from recruiting people on contractual basis for seven years in education and health sector, the government has decided to hire a ‘reputed’ placement agency to fill 4000 non-gazetted posts in police department.
Though opposition is demanding that the whole policy be scrapped, experts and aspirants have expressed their optimism over the hiring of a private placement agency saying it would lead to swift recruitment.
Additional Director General of Police, Headquarters, Dr S P Vaid said the new policy was aimed at bringing transparency in the recruitment process. “Such a policy will ensure transparency and provide equal chance to everyone. It will be entirely based on merit and talent,” Vaid said.
“We are not the only state which has switched to hiring through placement agencies. Other states and central agencies have adopted the mechanism a long time ago, Vaid added.
Opposition National Conference termed the entire process as “flawed”.
“Government can’t outsource entire process. Then there remains no role of DGPs office, PSC or SSB. These are the apprehensions we have submitted in the memorandum,” said NC spokesman, Junaid Azim Mattu.
Mattu feared that the recruitment agency would oblige the government. “If you are giving a contract to a placement agency, they are bound to return favour by selecting the government’s blue-eyed aspirants. It’s quid pro quo relation,” he believed.
Prof Nisar Ali, who has taught economics at Kashmir University and has been a former advisor to higher education department differed with Mattu. He said the new policy, would not be prone to corruption or interference.
“Professional recruiting agencies have fool proof mechanism. They will hire better professionals without any interference. There won’t be favoritism in such a system as it aims at objectivity.
“Now, professional examinations are being done through outsourcing. It’s a new pattern. Only issue is that the agency should be a professional one,” said Nisar.
Farhan Nazir, an unemployed engineering graduate opined the process would remove red tape and nepotism.
“Government recruiting agencies are overburdened because it takes a lot of time to fill the vacancies. It won’t happen in a private recruiting agency. They are bound by a contract and won’t delay the process because it will be their loss. That way it’s a right step,” Farhan said.
Law Secretary Mohammad Ashraf Mir said the policy can be implemented only after amending the existing rules, which make it mandatory for government to fill the vacant posts through recruiting agencies such as PSC or SSB.
“Such a policy has to be provided with some mechanism through which it won’t be caught into legal tangles. Rest there’s no issue to hire a placement cell,” Mir said.
MLA Langate Engineer Rashid who protested against the policy, differed over the issue. He said that the government wanted to ‘privatize everything to legalize corruption’. “Through private agency, they (government) will hire their own aspirants. Who will challenge a private agency?”Rashid questioned.