Contractors threaten ‘massive protests’ over delay in payments

SRINAGAR: The J&K Contractors Central Coordination Committee (JKCCCC) Tuesday threatened to launch “massive protests” if the state government doesn’t clear their bills from the last fiscal.
The General Secretary of JKCCCC Farooq Dar, in a press statement issued here, said the state government has “failed to clear the last fiscal bills of the contractors”.
“The Committee will launch massive protests if the pending bills will not be cleared soon,” he said.
According to JKCCCC, the payments to the tune of Rs 500 crore are pending with the government.
Dar said the state government is hell-bent on crippling the state’s economic sectors by not clearing the bills of the contractors who are responsible for development of the projects.
The delay in payments, he said, is in spite of the contractors raising the issue with the authorities and organizing peaceful protests.
“The government has sidelined the Valley-based contractors, affecting the developmental projects directly. A huge (percentage of) funds gets diverted to Jammu or lapses due to the state government’s discriminatory approach towards the Valley,” he added.
Dar said the treasuries in the state have turned dry as “the government is not releasing the funds”.