Extreme Automobiles showroom opens at Athwajan

SRINAGAR: Extreme Automobiles, an exclusive showroom of taxicabs from the International Cars & Motors Ltd, was inaugurated Monday at Athwajan Bypass here.
In a press statement issued here, the company said the showroom was jointly inaugurated by Minister for State Industry & Commerce and Power development, Mohammad Ashraf Mir, and Chairman HK Cements & HRCC, Ghulam Hassan Mir.
“The showroom will not only help Extreme Automobiles to grow but also provide employment to the youth,” Chairman Fayaz Ahmad Mir said in the statement.
The taxicabs from the international car maker are fully equipped with all types of luxury comforts, the statement said, adding that it comes in LD, SD, and VD models that are in “technical collaboration” with MG Rover.
The company’s Territory Manager Manu Sharma, Manager Service Dharminder Sharma, and Marketing Manager Sumesh Kumar spoke on the occasion, highlighting the features and comforts offered by the taxicab, it said.
With a view to promote customer comfort and safety, and to comply with emission standards, passenger cars have become technologically advanced, “making it imperative to have the showrooms that offer original spares to customers” it said.
With Extreme Automobiles as its spare part distributor, the company said it endeavors to ensure “promotion of original spares, guaranteeing, in turn, performance and reliability”.
The company said it has devised an “aggressive plan” for promoting the use of original parts in the market through similar showrooms.
“It will ensure that the benefits of advanced technology are acquired by customers in the form of safety, reliability, durability, economy and environmental protection,” the company said.