BJP says it will ensure Pandits’ return as per their wishes, aspirations

Srinagar: The Bharatiya Janata Party said on Sunday that it will ensure the return of migrant Kashmiri Pandits to the Valley according to the community’s “desires and aspirations” and keeping in view the “practicability and security and safety requirements”.
The party made this pledge at a meeting of its working committee, the first since it came to power in alliance with PDP.
The meeting skirted any lengthy mention of the recent tensions in the state, such as the arrest of Hurriyat leader Masrat Alam (reportedly at BJP’s behest), strike in the Valley and killing of a boy in police firing on Saturday. But it said the BJP will not allow any activity in the state that is “detrimental to the national interest”.

Ruling party resolves
Nationalism will be encouraged and no activity will be allowed in the state which will be detrimental to the national interest.
West Pakistan Refugees will be given their rights to livelihood and meaningful living.
The issues of Pakistan administered Kashmir refugees of 1947, 1965 and 1971 will be resolved by providing one-time settlement
Equal rights will be given to people of all regions of the state in the matter of distribution of the funds at the disposal of the state whether self generated or provide by the Central government

“It is resolved that the identity of Kashmir is incomplete without Kashmiri Pandits and it will be ensured that they return to the Valley as per their desires, aspirations and practicability,” said BJP state spokesman Sunil Sethi.
BJP’s coalition partner PDP has been criticised for agreeing to New Delhi’s plan to rehabilitate tens of thousands of migrant Pandits in separate townships in the Valley. The Opposition and pro-freedom groups have opposed the plan. The pro-freedom groups believe the government of India plans to create Israeli-type settlements to undermine the Muslims majority which has been opposing its rule for the past 65 years.
A resolution adopted by the party at the meeting also pledged to work for welfare of the people by addressing the issue of unemployment, ensuring a corruption-free and responsive government.
—With PTI inputs