Killing Kashmiris

Dear editor
The only product that is available with uninterrupted supply in Kashmir is a “martyr”. There were glut of martyrs during the repressive Dogra rule and it continues to be so after the dubious accession of the state with the republic of India. The supply of martyrs in Kashmir is unconditional. No matter who the government. No matter what the place. No matter what the reason. The philosophy of Indian state is simple: “If there’s a Kashmiri, there’s definitely a bullet made for him somewhere in the rifle of an army man.”
The tactics used by Indian army in Kashmir are at par with those of the most notorious armies around the world. Hitler burnt Jews in concentration chambers. Bashar al-Assad is gassing innocent Syrians. USA droned hapless Iraqis and Afghans. Fateh al-Sisi is imprisoning and sentencing guiltless Egyptians. India doesn’t just torture or kill. They also hide the dead in unmarked mass graves.
Khaled Muzaffar Wani happens to be among a long list of illustrious people to have died for the “cause”. The only difference in his case is that he wasn’t a de facto rebel himself. Don’t misunderstand. Every Kashmiri is a rebel but not everyone carries a gun to instigate the brave Indian army. He just found himself in the wrong place. He was the brother of a rebel Burhan Muzaffar Wani. The latter is on the “most wanted” list of Indian army. He joined armed struggle at a young age. Pause and think. A teenager from Kashmir scares one of the world’s largest army immunised with draconian AFSPA and unbridled power. Unable to trace him, they murder his brother in the dense forests of Tral. They try to dampen his strength by harming his dear ones. But time has repetitively proven that such incidents incite more people to rise up against the occupation. And before you conclude, Rs 10 lakh bounty on a teenager rebel, Burhan, sounds cowardly for a state that prides itself on it is armed forces.
The “harm rebel’s relatives” methodology is not something new. Minds vividly remember how relatives of rebels would and are tortured during crackdowns, night raids. Afzal Guru’s torture is also a known example. Maqbool Bhatt’s brothers have suffered the same. These are popular names. There are countless examples of such incidents. This and other vicious policies employed by India are aimed to suppress the sentiments of resistance in Kashmir.
They have succeeded in effectively applying these methods except that it has only added a long list of “martyrs” for the cause. It seems our blood sustains their democracy. Our murder grants them medals.
Rouf Dar