Hurriyat (G) pulls up news channels, their Valley reporters

Srinagar: Hurriyat Conference (G) condemned the role of Kashmiri reporters working for Indian news channels and warned that if they do not “mend their criminal ways”, they and their “distorted reportage so far” will be exposed before the people.
“These channels have become the mouthpiece of intelligence agencies and we have no expectations from them, but the role of reporters who work for them is painful for the Kashmiri nation. To earn their salaries, these people wrongly project their own nation before the world,” the Hurriyat said in a statement.
The harsh reprimand to the Kashmiri reporters of Indian news channels, whose reportage on Kashmir has been widely condemned on the social media networking sites earlier also, comes a day after some Indian channels wrongly reported that Hurriyat leader Masrat Alam had waved Pakistani flag during a rally organised to welcome Syed Ali Shah Geelani.
“Whenever any innocent civilian is killed by the Indian army and police in Jammu & Kashmir, these channels seems to be non-existent and they prefer to remain silent but when people of the same Kashmir come on the roads and peacefully express their inner feelings, these communal and fanatic people under the banner of journalism speak provocative language as if the whole India is in danger,” the statement said.
The statement said that during a meeting of the Hurriyat’s executive, chaired by Geelani, “all these reporters and correspondents were discussed”.
The statement said that Geelani told the meeting said that (chief minister) Mufti Sayed is playing the role of a facilitator for “implementing the policies of RSS in Jammu & Kashmir” and has backtracked on his pre-poll promise to release political prisoners, repeal black laws and get back state’s power projects from New Delhi. Instead, he said, Mufti is working on the plan to set up separate colonies for migrant Pandits and settling West Pakistan Refugees permanently in the state.
“Geelani sahib said unity of (pro-freedom groups) based on ideologies and principles is necessary to defeat the aggressive approach of the Modi government towards Kashmir. He said extraordinary situations need extraordinary efforts and any confrontation or disagreement at this crucial juncture can prove fatal for the freedom struggle,” he said.
“India will not only increase its atrocities and cruelties but they will also try to bury the Kashmir issue once for all. Communal and fanatic forces are not only working to change the Muslim majority of Jammu & Kashmir into a minority but with the help of cultural aggression they want to eliminate our religious and national identity too, Geelani sahib said,” the statement added.
He said that to meet “this grave situation”, support of all pro-freedom people who want “complete independence from India, who do not support secret or open bilateral dialogues and who have unambiguous stand on election drama” was the need of the hour.
Geelani, the statement said, stated that FIRs filed against him and other Hurriyat leaders will not “deter us from demanding freedom”.
He said the registration of FIRs has completely exposed Mufti’s “battle of ideas” slogan.