Etiquette of wearing shoes, socks

Abu Huraira (RA) quoting the Holy Prophet (SAW) said: “If one of you puts on shoes, let him begin with the right. And when he takes them off let him begin with the left. And let him take them both off or leave them both on.” Al Bukhari Book 2, Volume 72, Hadith 747.

Abu Huraira (RA) further reported,  “None of you should walk, wearing one shoe only; he should either put on both shoes or put on no shoes whatsoever.” Al Bukhari. Book 7, Volume 72, Hadith 746. However, Hazrat Ayesha (RA) has narrated that the Prophet (SAW) walked a few steps while wearing a shoe in his one foot to open the door of the Hujra (sacred chamber). Al Tirmidhi.
According to ulema this was either to grant permission or he just walked one or two steps. The most revered Prophet (SAW) has also advised the Muslims to put on the shoe while sitting.  This has been reported by Jabir Ibn Abdullah (RA) that the Prophet (SAW)  denied that the person puts on his or her shoes while standing (Abu Dawood).
Ulema, however, believe that there is no direction in the hadith. According to them, it is only an advice and holds good for shoes with laces. They see no harm in wearing the shoe while standing if it is comfortable. This ruling is regarding those shoes, which take time to wear whilst standing (and) those which need the straps to be tied. In the same way the boots (this refers to the present day shoes) should also be worn whilst sitting, because even in these shoes, the laces have to be tied, and to tie them whilst standing is difficult.
The holy Prophet (SAW) has said, “If the laces of your shoes break, you should not walk whilst only wearing one shoe, but you should repair the lace.” He also advised against walking while wearing only one sock. (Al Muslim). The rules for wearing the socks are same. It must be worn on the right foot first and then on the left.
The socks constitute an important component of a woman’s dress.  Dr Fu`ad Mukhaymar, professor of Islamic studies at Al-Azhar University says it is preferable that a woman prays while wearing socks that cover her ankles along with her feet. However, if a woman is sure that no non-Mahram (marriageable man) will enter the place where she prays, then there will be no wrong in praying without wearing socks. In this case also, there will be no wrong in praying while her feet remain uncovered.
On the other hand, if she is in doubt that a non-Mahram may enter the place where she prays, then she is required to wear the socks to cover her ankles.

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