Alleged rape victim’s brother demands speedy justice

SRINGAR: More than a month after an eleven-year-old girl was allegedly raped in district Kulgam, the victim’s brother Thursday demanded stern action against the culprits.
“Stern action must be taken against these rapists so that it could become a lesson for others,” Tariq Ahmad, the victim’s brother said in a press conference here.
He said that although police has arrested three out of the four culprits, one among them is still roaming scot- free.
“Although an FIR has been lodged in the case, swift action should be initiated against the culprits.”
He said that the police had told the family that the victim’s pregnancy tests were negative. “But when we conducted another test, it turned out be positive. Besides the incident has taken a toll on her mental health for which she is right now being treated at the psychiatric hospital,” Tariq said.
He said that her sister was raped on March 6. “She was asked by a woman to help her carry a bucket of water. When my sister brought the water bucket inside that lady’s home, the lady told her to take a sip from it as it was the holy zum zum water.”
He said that his sister fell unconscious after drinking the water. “The lady then took her inside the home where she was raped,” Tariq Said.
Tariq said that his sister was brought back to her home by a local three days after the incident.