Sumo stands on Srinagar-Gulmarg road cause traffic jams

BARAMULLA: Many small-passenger-vehicle stops have illegally cropped up on Srinagar Gulmarg road affecting smooth movement of traffic on the road.
Locals said that the tourists who visit the world famous tourist resort Gulmarg face many difficulties as these sumo stands cause frequent traffic jams.
“The sumo stands have been set up illegally at various places viz   Narabal, Kanihama Magam ,Dobhiwan, Kunzar,Druroo, chandilora and near Dak Banglow Tangmarg,” they said.
“Besides, there is no monitoring agency to look into the passenger grievances as the sumo drivers exploit the situation and have made mess of the service,” they added.
Ismail Ahmad a businessman from Chandilora said, “The sumo stands set up on the road makes people and especially tourists suffer as they stuck in jam for hours. Many accidents occur due to such illegal sumo stands”.
The residents said that the problem was  compounded by shopkeepers at Magam who have allegedly occupied the footpaths compelling pedestrians to walk on main road.