Private schools threaten they will declare their own calendar

Srinagar: An organisation representing private schools has asked the government that if Delhi Public School has been allowed to hold classes on Sundays, they too shall be granted this concession. And if the government doesn’t, they will declare their own academic calendar.
Accusing the government of being partisan, the Jammu and Kashmir Private Schools United Front (PSUF) said the government is now “openly promoting a particular school at the cost of poor students”.
“Delhi Public School is allowed to remain open on Sundays or other holidays without being questioned by the education department,” said GN Var, president PSUF.
“Yesterday too, the school was open right under the nose of government. We don’t have anything against DPS, but if any other school will be raided and shut down if they functioned on Sunday. We want to ask why such biased approach is exhibited towards us.”
“We have lost so many school days and we want to compensate the children for the same, but we are not allowed to do it. DPS conducted exams in winter when we were disallowed classwork,” he said.
The Front asked the government to deal with all schools equitably, else “we will be forced to take some hard decisions”.
“We are left with few months of this academic year and government too is undecided on declaring March session as permanent session. In such a case we need more time to complete the syllabus. So if one school opens on holidays we will also follow the suit,” Var said.
“We will declare our own academic calendar and which will be followed by thousands of schools for the benefit of students. We have only four months left and we have to go for out of box thinking to exploit the limited time. We will do what is best for the children.”