Need for critical care ambulances  

The state of Jammu Kashmir tops the list for the highest number of deaths in road accidents. The state that was conferred an award for best healthcare services in India has lacks a critical care ambulance. The government has constructed five trauma centres at various locations but nothing has moved. The MoS health ascribes the reason to the budget session of the assembly. While this argument cannot exonerate the government, it needs to be made clear that the assembly session should not jeopardize the government. In fact, it must speed up things.  A report on accident deaths and suicides said 63.5 percent deaths due to unnatural causes are due to road traffic accidents in Jammu Kashmir, the highest in any state. The experts have been seeking ambulances equipped with life support system and skilled medical personnel. It has come to fore that the injured succumb on way to the hospital due to loss of blood. The dilapidated roads and traffic jams only worsen the condition of the injured. The so-called ambulances that are seen plying on the roads are meant for carrying the bodies. These ill equipped vehicles are very risky for a trauma patient.   The critical care ambulances can make a difference and go a long way in saving precious lives. Recently there was news about an international NGO willing to donate as many as twenty critical care ambulances to the state. However, the project will start with two ambulances, one for Jammu and the other for Kashmir. The CEO of the NGO has negotiated the terms and condition with the health minister, Lal Singh and a MoU is likely t be signed shortly.  The NGO run by a Kashmir born British citizen is willing to establish trauma centres with all facilities including trained staff along the highway from Jammu to Uri. The government should not play politics over the proposed project.  For the best interests of the state the project needs to be cleared as soon as possible and all facilities must be given to the NGO for making the dream project a grand success. The project, however, can function properly if roads are repaired. Besides the people have to be made aware of the importance of giving way to an ambulance. If a fully equipped ambulance gets stuck in a traffic jam, it will serve no purpose.