BJP broke the jinx, now NC too can ally with us: BJP

Srinagar: The Bharatiya Janata Party has said that it has “broken the jinx of being an untouchable party” in the state and if it could today enter into an alliance with the PDP, it can do so with the National Conference tomorrow.
“There used to be a big jinx in J&K that the BJP can never come into government there. There is a local understanding that we are a right-wing party that can never be in the government in J&K. For this reason alone, the Congress used to get the advantage and become the representative of the people of Jammu,” BJP general secretary Ram Madhav said during an idea exchange session with the Indian Express Newspaper staffers.
“But now that jinx has broken. If we can have an alliance with the PDP, then tomorrow the NC (National Conference) may also not have a problem with having an alliance with the BJP. The BJP now has nine ministers. Two posts we left for our alliance partners. We have a Speaker. For the first time in the state, we are also getting an opportunity to learn how the government functions,” he explained.
Referring to the pro-freedom parties, Madhav said it should never be assumed that other groups in the Valley are “only separatists”. He said there are many more groups there and BJP’s desire is to engage with all.
“It may include separatists — including the Hurriyat. When we say we engage with all groups, it doesn’t mean only with some group. We describe them as ‘internal stakeholders’, which means we talk to them on issues of J&K,” Madhav said.
He said that BJP would not buy the argument of any “separatist” groups, which feels it is a stakeholder to Kashmir dispute.
“But if any separatist group feels it is not an internal stakeholder, and that it is also a stakeholder in India-Pakistan relations, then we will not take that,” he said.
He said the real challenge for BJP is to ensure that the government completes its full term.
“It gives a totally new direction to the politics of the state,” said Madhav, who was instrumental in brokering the deal between his party and the PDP.
Speaking about the deal on Common Minimum Programme (CMP) with PDP, he said that eighty per cent of the CMP is about development.
“Ten per cent is governance-related which took some time. The remaining 10 per cent was related to ideological, political issues and was the most difficult,” he added.