Land sinking damages 6 houses in Doda


DODA: At least six residential houses were damaged on Friday after land sinking in Malwas village of Doda district.
Residents said that a large patch of land in the village caved-in towards nearby river Chenab completely damaging six residential houses while as several cowsheds suffered partial damages. The residents have been shifted to the nearby areas by the administration.
”We have suffered losses due to earth sinking. Our houses have developed cracks and have been rendered unsafe. We fear to live in our damaged houses,” the residents said.
The families whose houses have been damaged demand that they be resettled in a nearby patch of government land so that they can construct temporary sheds to reside there.
“We want land for our complete rehabilitation but district officials have been expressing their constraints over the issue,” an affected villager said.
The residents said although the officials have provided them with tents but adequate compensation should be given.
Doda Deputy Commisioner Bupinder Kumar said that affected families have been asked to shift to safer places near sports stadium in Doda and administration has made arrangements in local government buildings. Tents were also distributed among villagers but they are not shifting from there, he said.
He also said that people have been asked to remain away from sinking zones to avoid any untoward incident. When asked about rehabilitation of the victims, he said, “We have to take up the matter with government with regard to providing government land to the affected families because there are restrictions from High Court and Supreme Court in allocation of local grazing lands to anybody.”
Meanwhile, PDP senior Leader Shabul Haq visited Malwas village and met the affected families. He assured the affected families every possible help.