Srinagar sans washrooms for women


SRINAGAR: There are no washrooms for women at public places in Srinagar contributing to the inconvenience this gender faces while on the streets.
More and more women are now demanding the government to install washrooms at public places exclusively for their use.
“Being a girl we need washrooms at places where people shop or places which are commercial hubs. But one is astonished to find none in our city. I have to rush home or go to some body’s house, in case of emergency”, says Insha Wani, a student.
“Though, we can resist but elderly people can’t. They suffer more than youngsters and there are no loo’s in the city where they can go,” she stresses.
Fara Malik, a sales woman at a cosmetic shop at Goni Khan says “This is a huge issue for women. And every woman has her story of suffering. There are times when I have rushed home early, or have gone to some body’s house, which is a very tragic”.
“My mother also shares the same tale, so does my grandmother. And the trend continues. The government should step in now and solve this problem, for they have made tall promises at the time of asking votes,” she adds.
Zaeba Malik, who lives near a higher secondary school at Batamaloo says that she receives a huge rush of girls at her home whenever there are exams.
“Now I have constructed a washroom in the courtyard, so that the girls can come and use it”, she informs.
Srinagar Municipal Corporation Commissioner, Tufail Mattoo agrees that there are no washrooms for women in the city.
“But this problem is in rest of the India as well. The central government has started Swachh Bharat Abiyan and asked us to identify the sanitation problems in the community, and now this issue will also be in our list. We will surely do our bit to have washrooms in our community for both the genders”