Hurriyat (G) condemns ‘police excesses’ in Shopian

SRINAGAR: Hurriyat Conference (G) on Tuesday condemned the “arrest and harassment” of two brothers of Sayedpora Shopian by police.
In a statement, the party termed the arrest of two brothers, Altaf Ahmad and Javaid Ahmad, as worst kind of human rights violation.
“Arresting people on mere suspicion, and then putting them to third degree torture is a serious war crime according to the international laws and this kind of crime is commonly used by the Indian forces in Jammu & Kashmir,” the Hurriyat spokesman said.
“The in-charge officer of the Shopian police station is harassing the family from a very long time and he had made their lives a hell. He often arrests the two brothers on one pretext or other and then demands a handsome ransom for their release,” he said.
According the Hurriyat statement, the special operation group (SOG) of police raided the house of Sayed Amin Shah on 7 April morning.
“The SOG personals not only arrested his second son Sayed Javaid Shah on the occasion but they took away everything with them like the cash, jewellery of the women folk and two mobile phones. The poor family members telephoned the Hurriyat office and expressed their concern about the safety of their two sons Altaf Ahmad and Javaid Ahmad. They fear that their sons may be killed in custody,” the spokesman added.