Pir Panjal lags behind on developmental front

srinagar: MLA Langate Engineer Rashid on Sunday expressed great displeasure over lack of efficient governance and development in the entire Pir Panjal region.
In a statement Engineer Rashid said that after conducted a two day tour of Pir Panjal region , he found the region was lagging behind on developmental front ”
“While traveling to Poonch- Chakandbagh cross loc trade point it seems evident that cross loc trade is just a cosmetic measure failing to meet the desired expectations. The real solution lies into healing the wounds of people of this region and entire Jammu & Kashmir by addressing the political aspirations of masses and mitigating the immeasurable pain and sufferings caused to masses after partition,” he said.
“What one can without doubt say that remote areas of Pir Panjal region have been neglected and have seen very less governance,” he stated.
Engineer Rashid also stressed on dire need of opening the traditional route links so as to ease the discomforts of masses.
“Uri-Poonch, Poonch- Tangmarg traditional route links should be opened and issues of making these roads viable should be also taken up with Pakistan as they fall in the border paradigm. On account of closed traditional route links masses of Jammu & Kashmir have suffered a great deal,” he added.