Serious financial irregularities in Govt hospital Jammu: CAG

Suhail Punjabi

Jammu: The Comptroller and Auditor General has detected “serious financial irregularities” in government Hospital Ganhi Nagar Jammu.
In its latest report, the CAG has pointed out that the lack of internal control and monitoring in the hospital facilitated financial irregularities including fraudulent double drawals of Rs 7.80 lakhs, ‘suspected double drawal of Rs 2.83 lakh)’ and short credit of hospital revenue of Rs 7.81 lakhs into hospital development fund.
“A total amount of Rs 10.63 lakh were drawn (February 2012 to March 2013) towards payment of diet charges. Audit found that diet charges of Rs 7.80 lakh pertaining to various periods had already been drawn (August 2009 to March 2013),” it said.
The CAG said that the balance diet charges of Rs 2.83 lakh for the period July 2010 to September 2010 were drawn from the hospital development fund on Xerox copies of three bills.
“The medical superintendent had not maintained bill register to keep a watch on period (s) for which bills were proffered by the diet contractor and payements made to him from time to time.”
After it was pointed out by the CAG, the MS got Rs 6.41 lakhs (Rs 3.36 lakhs in June-July 2013 and Rs 3.05 lakhs in August 2013) recovered from the contractor.
The auditor also detected against actual revenue of Rs 60.92 realised by the hospital in April 2008, October 2009, November 2011 and March 2013, only Rs 53.11 lakh was deposited by the cashier into the government treasury.
“the audit further observed that out of the revenue receipts of Rs 60.92 lakh, only Rs 36.65 lakh was recorded as receipt  in the cash book and 16.46 was directly deposited into the bank accout without routing through cash book,” the CAG said.
The CAG referred the matter to government in March last year and as per the report, the director finance of the department informed that a committee had been constituted in December 2013 to inquire into the matter. Further progress as on July last year, it said, was awaited.