My wife, my life

As Sonam Rose, sorry Lotus predicted rains in Srinagar last week, a woman urged his husband to pay a visit to her Maika. Her concerns were genuine. In September her Maika got submerged. To make things worse for her, the water in her husband’s house receded in just two days but one story of her revered Maika remained submerged for twenty-two days.  So she was genuinely concerned and her appeal to the husband was also justified.    But, as the husband stood up to leave for herMaika, the Muezzin called for Asr prayers. He sat down immediately, took off his socks and went to the bathroom for ablution. He wanted to offer prayers first but his wife was after him. Sensing that he had ignored her request, she raised her pitch. The husband, however, reacted politely. “Nimaaz is fard (obligatory) and going to wife’s Maika is not even a Naful (optional prayer).

Well, everybody knows that Nimaaz is obligatory. One has to offer it even if he is travelling or ailing. But, his statement about Maika surprised Sheru.  It reminded Sheru of an encounter with a Soyath (an upper ground worker of yesteryears). One day he called on Sheru early in the morning. Sheru was disturbed by his untimely arrival. “What brings you here at this odd hour?” Sheru questioned. He was quick to reply, “Our locality has been cordoned off by the troops. Most probably they are going to search houses. I somehow managed to escape from the area,” he said adding “Zou bachavun chue farz” (Saving one’s life is obligatory).
Sheru was angry. “Who told you? It is not even a Naful. You are fighting for the cause of Allah and should not, therefore, runaway for your life,” Sheru scolded him. The Soyath was not impressed and after a while Sheru too realized that he was a bit rude. He offered him tea and after half an hour Soyath left.
Sheru pondered over today’s development. Sheru knows the person and his Maikaas well. His Saas (mother-in-law) has repeatedly said that she has no duty toward her in-laws. That way, the person is right when he says visiting the Maika is not even a Naful. But the issue needs to be taken to a Mufti. Nobody should issue a fatwa on such sensitive issue. Maika is the most revered place for the wife. It is true that most of the people do not like their wives but there are people whose status message on Facebook reads, “My wife, my life.”  Sheru knows it is trith.