Kangan residents demand strengthening of river Sindh embankments


KANGAN: The increase in water level of river Sindh owing to continuous rainfall for the past few days has instilled fear among the people of Kangan in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district.

According to locals, the banks of the river were damaged at many places during the September 2014 floods which were “left unattended” by the authorities.
“September 2014 floods washed away several bridges and caused breaches in the banks of the river. There was no serious effort on part of the authorities to repair the banks,” a local Panch told Kashmir Reader.
“The contractor entrusted with the repairing of the banks left the construction midway saying there was scarcity of funds,” he accused.
Locals said they approached the Irrigation and Flood Control Department on many occasions but to no avail.
“From last few days we are living in constant fear. We don’t know how the river is going to behave,” a group of villagers said.
The villagers appealed the authorities to immediately construct a retaining wall along the banks of the river to safeguard the human lives.
“If there were no funds they should not have dug the banks at the first place. Atleast they were providing some support ” they said. Locals threatened to come out on the roads to protest.