Houthis following Zionist agenda: Qasim Faktoo

Srinagar: Muslim Deeni Mahaz chairman Dr Mohammad Qasim Faktoo Friday said that the Houthi rebels of Yemen were following Zionist agenda by threatening to destroy the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.
In a statement, Faktoo said that every evil eye and every transgressing hand that rises towards the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah would be chopped off by the Muslims.
“The hearts of one billion and 750 million Muslims beat for these two holy cities. The people who talk about shedding blood in these cities of peace are having Zionist mentality.”
He said that Muslims across the world will destroy these Houthi rebels if they try to fulfill their intentions.
“Right after the formation of Israel, the Jews have been laying claim on the areas of Madinah where Jews lived during the times of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) , therefore the Jews are now trying to accomplish their evil designs through these Houthis,” the incarcerated leader said in a statement.
These Houthis in the garb of their differences with the Arab rulers were aiming converting the Harmain Sharief into a place where they can propagate their wrong belief and ideologies.
“We appeal the entire Muslim world to raise up against these Houthi mischief mongers without giving up our right of difference with the Saudi monarchs regarding their point of view with respect to the Jihadist movements round the world.”
He said that in reality this Houthi ideology was the fountain of Shirk and innovations in Islam.
“These people have always stood with Jews and Christians.”