‘Ban on branded drug prescription unjustified’

SRINAGAR: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) president Dr Nisar ul Hassan Thurs¬day said that government order banning prescription of branded drugs will curtail patients’ right to choose and right of doctors to prescribe tried and tested brands.
In a statement, he said that government hospitals have no medicines avail¬able and the only source for patients was the local pharmacy.
“This leaves the patient to the mercy of the dispenser who can dispense any brand available for the generic drug prescribed. This puts patients at higher risk of be¬ing cheated by drug dispens¬ers whose business strategy concentrates chiefly on mon¬etary benefits.”
He said that this discre¬tion of chemists to choose a brand will promote sales of spurious drugs as “majority of our drug market is unreg¬ulated and there is no qual¬ity control to monitor drug standard.”