Govt treats Lal Chowk as ‘hawkers’ zone’: KTMF

SRINAGAR: Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation (KTMF) President, Mohammad Yasin Khan, Tuesday accused the state government of treating Lal Chowk and its adjoining marketplaces as “a hawkers’ zone.”
“Instead of taking measures like much-needed Kandizal blasting to prevent Srinagar from another September-like disaster, those at the helm are busy with contingency plans for any post-flood situation,” Khan said in a press statement issued here.
“We shopkeepers are being treated like hawkers who can carry their stocks back every evening,” he added, referring to the traders’ precautionary act of shifting their merchandise to safer locations in view of the flood threat.
Khan said it was impossible for all the shopkeepers to carry home their stocks.
“Majority of shopkeepers live in flood-prone areas, and have nowhere to shift their commodities. The government needs to realise this critical aspect of life in Srinagar,” he said.
He said the traders “are left with little resources” to “act as nomads” and “spend considerable amounts in such acts.”
The KTMF President appealed the Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed and Deputy Chief Minister to “take a serious note of the matter and not refrain from taking measures that can prevent another destruction of Srinagar.”