Govt should do more, says SAVAE

SRINAGAR: South Asian Voluntary Association of Environmentalists [SAVAE], an NGO working for environment, Monday said the state government should make more efforts to help the people.
“We are aware that disasters can’t be prevented with overnight measures, but the previous government and the present government never gave the feeling that they had taken last year’s flood seriously,” the Executive Director of SAVAE, Parvaiz Bhat, said in a press statement issued here.
“The government shall take things seriously and help people in saving their lives and property,” he added.
Chairperson SAVAE, Bilal Ahmad, said the government needs to formulate a “solid policy”, as Kashmir has not witnessed “any disaster mitigation measures” in the past many decades.
“The government shall do assessments of vulnerability and climate proofing of all the government schemes,” he said. The organisation appealed the government to constitute a committee for devising a plan to deal with possible aftermaths of the floods.
“Fortunately for us, last year the floods came at a time when the winter was just approaching. But this time, temperatures could be conducive for the spread of waterborne diseases like Cholera. The government needs to take care of this fact,” Bhat said.